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SharePoint JS CSOM code to create a subsite using a custom Site Template

Published on 12-Aug-2016 | Comments
Below is the code snippet to create a subsite in a SharePoint site collection using an existing custom site template.

var webUrl = "newSubSite", webTitle = "New Sub Site", webDesc = "Description about the new web/site"; var siteTemplate; var CONST_PROJECT_TEMPLATE = "Custom Project Template"; var ctx = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); var webTemplates = ctx.get_web().getAvailableWebTemplates(1033, false); ctx.load(webTemplates); ctx.executeQueryAsync(function () { //Get Custom Site Template Name var tmpls = webTemplates.getEnumerator(); while (tmpls.moveNext()) { var tmpl = tmpls.get_current(); if (tmpl.get_title() == CONST_PROJECT_TEMPLATE) { siteTemplate = tmpl.get_name(); } } //Create SPWeb var webCreationInformation = new SP.WebCreationInformation(); webCreationInformation.set_title(webTitle); webCreationInformation.set_description(webDesc); webCreationInformation.set_language(1033); webCreationInformation.set_url(webUrl); //Set false, if Unique Permissions are required webCreationInformation.set_useSamePermissionsAsParentSite(true); webCreationInformation.set_webTemplate(siteTemplate); var newSiteObj = ctx.get_web().get_webs().add(webCreationInformation); ctx.load(newSiteObj, 'Title', 'Url'); ctx.executeQueryAsync(function () { console.log("Site created. Title : " + newSiteObj.get_title() + ", Url : " + newSiteObj.get_url()); }, function (sender, args) { console.error(args.get_message()); }); }, function (sender, args) { console.error(args.get_message()); });


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